Muslim Girl Made Smart Shoes That Can Help Blind People See

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Nowadays, IT Engineers have also started to make their names for Pakistan in the International market. An IT student from Faislabad, Shanza Munir, recently invented smart shoes for visually impaired people.

The educated and energetic Pakistani students represented their nation in Dubai’s FGC (First Global Challenge) in October 2019. Many other bright minds, around 1500, appeared from a total of 191 various countries participated in the event to mark their personalities in the robotic aspect.

shoes for blind
Video Grab / SAMAA

Many other such students are playing an essential role in the technological development process for the country. Their smart ideas may ease a lot of lives throughout the world with the right support and financial help received by the higher authorities.

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Her invention took over all the media channels, in accordance with the local reports. Designed especially for the one deprived of sight, these smart shoes will be the helping gadget and their ultimate guide.

According to the details, their total production cost is approximately Rs. 10,000 to Rs.12,000. It possesses the ability to sense and alarm the user of any hurdle he or she may receive in the way within a 200 centimeters radius allotted.

This design comes with a built-in vibration sensor that will assist by alerting the wearer regarding the blockages. She aims to assist the blind and visually impaired people on a larger scale than this move with the guidance of the higher authorities.

Shanza Munir
Video Grab / SAMAA

Shanza Munir, just like the other famous Pakistani students, has made us proud. Undoubtedly, its cost of production would also go down if it starts to develop on a large scale. There is no doubt in the fact that Pakistani students aim to fulfill the societal gaps present in this economy.

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We are hopeful that the higher authorities would backup her invention of the smart shoes and bring it to the business level.

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