Kingdom of Saudi Arabia Is Bringing Cinemas Back

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Cinemas in Saudi Arabia! After lifting the ban on woman driving, Kingdom of Saudi Arabia now bringing back the cinemas to its dear homeland very soon.

The kingdom of Saudi Arabia recently shocked the world as the royal king of Saudi Arabia, King Salman gave the order to allow women to drive, now after passing few days after this shock, Saudia Arabia also gave orders to bring movie cinemas back to its country! Fahd al Tamimi who is the former chairman of the Saudi Cinema Committee stated in the Saudi Gazette that the world will witness the return of cinemas in Saudi Arabia by the end of 2017.

Do not forget that there are two major holy sites are located in Saudi Arabia and the Saudi Kingdom is based on Shariah law, but allowing cinemas to come back to this land will create a chaos as it’s linkage with Shariah is nowhere found.

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Back in 1970s, the cinemas of Saudi Arabia got a lot of rises but later got banned. Later, the music festivals and other cultural dancing events were made a part of Saudi Arabia. The Vision 2030 of Saudi Arabia will make more cinemas and parks as per the plan decided by the upper government of Saudi Arabia.

The investments on these projects will be backed up by the foreign investments as well as the local government investment which will empower the core of this project.

This project will be followed up by the Mr. Ahmed al-Khateeb who is the chairman of General Entertainment Authority Saudi Arabia.

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According to the Mr. Ahmed al-Khateeb, says he is creating job opportunities for over 20,000 people within Saudia Arabia. Another project GEextravagant2030 will be focusing on the luxuries such as car tracks, golf courses, and many other luxuries things. While on the other hand, this little kid is selling his painting to support his house.

Seems like Saudi Arabia is advancing with the world, hope to see more advancement to the Saudi Arabia.

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