Royal Society of Medicine Elected a Muslim Doctor as President of the ENT Section

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A British-Pakistani doctor has been elected as president of the Department of Otolaryngology (ENT Section) of the Royal Society of Medicine (RSM) in recognition of his services to the National Health Service (NHS) of the United Kingdom and medical education.

Dr. Shahed Quraishi OBE, an ENT physician consultant, becomes the first Pakistani to be appointed to this position. RSM is one of the most prestigious organizations of high-level British physicians and one of the leading providers of postgraduate medical education in the United Kingdom. He is ready to take over London in two weeks.

Speaking with, Dr. Quraishi said he was elected unopposed by some 500 British doctors, who are members of the ENT section. “I am honored and honored to have this privilege,” he said.

“Being of British-Pakistani origin, it is a great honor for Pakistan and speaks a lot about the contribution of the British Pakistani diaspora, I hope that my elevation will inspire British Pakistani children and others alike,” he said.

Dr. Quraishi is an ENT surgeon who graduated from the Dow Medical College in Karachi, Pakistan, and has been working at the NHS in the United Kingdom for almost 31 years. Prior to that, he also studied at Cadet College Hasan Abdal in Attock, Punjab.

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He is currently a consultant at Doncaster Royal Infirmary and, in 2016, was appointed first British-Pakistani surgeon as visiting the professor in China. He is also the founder of ENT Masterclass, United Kingdom, which is a free ENT teaching platform, and the largest in the world, currently working in 12 countries, including Pakistan, on 4 continents.

“I have a large teaching participation around the world and I have chaired training events in Sydney, Berlin, London, Jeddah, Cape Town, Mumbai, Lausanne, and Hong Kong,” he said.

In November 2017, Dr. Quraishi received the title of “Officer of the British Empire” (OBE) by Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth II at Buckingham Palace in recognition of her services to the NHS. The NHS also awarded the National Award for Clinical Excellence in 2015.

“My OBE nomination to Buckingham Palace was made by my hospital, Doncaster Royal Infirmary and a group of ENT surgeons.” The queen asked me about my work and asked me about the contamination in London and asked me what could be done to reduce emissions.

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“I gave her my suggestions, I was very well informed and having an audience with her was a great privilege,” said Dr. Quraishi, adding that in the ENT area, no other surgeon has received the OBE title in the past 40 years. years…

Dr. Quraishi’s wife, Humaira, with whom she has two daughters, is a general practitioner (doctor) in Nottingham.

“My eldest daughter, Natasha, graduated from Cambridge and is a doctor in London, while the youngest daughter, Sarah, is a medical student in Nottingham.

“We have dedicated ourselves to the education of our girls and have helped them make their own decisions in life.”

Dr. Quraishi is also known for having an extensive collection of coins, including some from the time of the Holy Prophet (peace be upon him), and the Caliphates of the Umayyads, Abbasids, Ottomans, Al-Andalus and the Mughal Empire.

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