Old Muslim Man Severly Beaten and His House Set On Fire After The Dead Cow Havoc In India

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NEW DELHI: With occurrences of dairy animals vigilantism on the ascent, an Old Muslim Man was extremely beaten and his home set ablaze by a crowd in a town of Indian condition of Jharkhand after a dead cow was professedly found outside his home, Indian media announced.

As per NDTV report, the Old Muslim Man was distinguished as Usman Ansari. He and his family were protected by police. The police discharged shots to scatter the crowd.

The extremely harmed Usman was moved to healing facility for treatment.

“Our men overcame the group and promptly safeguarded Ansari and his relatives. At the point when the police attempted to take him to healing center, there was resistance from the group. There was overwhelming stone-pelting. We needed to start shooting noticeable all around,” said a senior cop RK Mullik, the report said.

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Two men were harmed, both in the legs, in the police terminating and are in healing facility as well. Around 50 policemen are likewise detailed harmed in the stone tossing.

Nobody has been captured so far for the assault on Mr Ansari.

In April, a Muslim dairy agriculturist was lynched in Rajasthan for professedly pirating bovines. This is indeed a sad state for all of us.

HT & Source: NDTV

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