Famous Muslim Pro App Used By Millions, Selling Data to U.S Military

Delete this app or U.S will have all location history!
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On Monday according to a published report, Location data is being bought by the US military with the help of popular phone apps. One of the data sold by the app includes Muslim Pro, it is a Muslim prayer and Quran app which is downloaded on more than millions of devices all over the world.

A bunch of app developers has been interviewed and Vice’s Motherboard examined many public records as a part of the investigation.

The report states that location data is the data that is sought by the military it can be bought through a company named Babel street through the product naming locate X. there is also another company which receives data directly from the apps and sell it onwards called the X mode.

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X mode by Muslim Pro that sends location data to U.S Military

X mode is used by the Muslim Pro particularly to send location data as it provides the users the timing to pray and locates Mecca during prayer times. According to the Muslim pro website, on Google Play,  This app has been downloaded over 50 million times on Android and on the Apple store almost more than 97 million times.

It was also found out by the vice through public records in other contracts that U.S special operations command (USSOCOM) bought Locate X from the Babel street to gather location data for the special forces of the overseas. The tasks which are assigned with USSOCOM include counterterrorism, counterinsurgency, and special reconnaissance.

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 A Navy Commander Tim Hawkins, a special operations Command spokesman who stated that they are using the access to software to support the special operation forces. We strictly restrict to make procedures and policies for protecting privacy, constitutional, civil liberties, and the rights of American citizens.

some data has also been bought by the military regarding several Muslim apps which include Muslim dating apps, Muslim Mingle, storm chaser app Global storms, step counter app, and leveling kit app.

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