Malaysian Muslim Saved After Being Stuck In The Sea For 49 Days

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Jakarta: On the fishing of fishermen, a Malaysian Muslim teenager was rescued after the wandering of open sea for 49 day in Indonesia.

According to news agency AP, Adilang Novel was riding on a transit boat carrying a 25-kilometer distance from Indonesia’s port in the middle of July that the rope boat broke out and the 19-year-old teen was wandering in the sea.

The young boat went near the vam where later the boat belonging to Panama helped him.

Adilang Novel Adilang told AP, as soon as another boat passed, he used to light the lamp, but he does not remember how many boats he travels from his presence.

The young man, who was 16 years old, was a workmanship on the lighting of fishermen, which was transit at a distance of 25 miles (78 miles) north of the slavery of North Slavic.

The Indonesian consulate in Osaka, Japan, said that the 18-year-old boy a Malaysian Muslim fisherman was rescued from a pamphlet boat on August 31 from his original location to a 200-miles distance.

There is no clear boundary of the port, so fishing boats are available from each other at a distance of several miles.

The young man said that I had a boat for 18 days a boat, my food stock was over in a week, when there was no rain for many days, I wet my clothes by rubbing them in the water of sea and squeezing them and drinking water.

Adilang Novel Adilang said the boats are transmitted through the rope but the rope breaks due to strong friction.

The young man said, ‘I used to think that I could never meet my parents, so I used to pray to return daily.’

Osaka Consulate told in his statement that Maye Igigio, who saved Adilang Novel Adilang, had contacted the Indonesian mission present in Osaka, from where he was sent to Osaka on September 6 and arrived in Indonesia on September 8.

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