Israeli Air Force carried out a major attack against the Gaza Strip

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Air Force planes of Israel struck missiles at naval facilities in the blockade sector of Gaza, RIA Novosti reported citing the army press service. Among the goals was the main port of the Palestinian enclave.

As a result, several ships were injured. There are no reports of casualties among people. Tel Aviv called the attack a response to the attempt of a mass breakout of the participants of the “March of Return” action on Israeli territory.

The Israeli security forces used firearms and special means against the Palestinians. Since March 30, the Palestinians have been conducting a peaceful “Return March” campaign near the border with Israel. Protests are accompanied by clashes with Israeli soldiers, who have already killed more than 40 demonstrators, among whom there are journalists.

Over 3000 were injured. The demonstration will end on May 15, the 70th anniversary of the creation of Israel – an event that the Palestinians call “Nakba” (“Holocaust”). Protesters demand that Palestinian refugees be granted the right to return to their cities and villages in historical Palestine, from where they were expelled in 1948.

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