The Islamic Information Releases First Islamic Facebook Messenger Bot

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Islamic Facebook Messenger Bot is something which will give you daily Hadiths, Quranic verses and Islamic information all by itself. TheIslamicInformation.com has initiated first ever Facebook messenger bot in the world, through this you will get all important information in your facebook messenger.

For those who do not know what Facebook Messenger bot is, let me explain to all of those people that Facebook Messenger is something which will give you Hadiths, Quranic verses and all sorts of information in your facebook messenger. You do not have to roam around to ask a question related to Islam or whatsoever, you will find each and everything in one place and that is your messenger.

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And you must be thinking how can you get it then the procedure is just one tap away.

The Islamic information always trying to get the authentic information to it’s world wide millions of followers, The Islamic Information released it’s first ever Facebook Messenger bot which will become a new path for every Muslim to get authentic Islamic information

If you want to try it, then kindly click the text below

Islamic Facebook Messenger Bot (Get Hadiths, Quranic Verses and Islamic Information) Daily in your Facebook Messenger.

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