How Islam Transformed a Cruel Gangster Into a Model of Mercy

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The former leader of the Australian bikers and the leader of the gangs talked about how he adopted Islam several years ago and completely transformed his life.

42-year-old Vince Focarelli, who formerly led the biker group Comancheros in Adelaide, has been practicing Islam since 2012, IslamNews reports citing The Daily Mail. A former gangster of Italian descent survived five attempts on his life, related to his former career.

A Muslim calls himself a social worker. Thanks to his knowledge of Islam, he completely changed his occupation and is currently implementing various projects related to halal and Islamic finance, and he also cares for a dead mother who has cancer in 4 stages. He lives in Kuala Lumpur, where he moved to distance himself from his former criminal way of life.

“I believe that if you do good, then good will come back to you,” says the bearded Muslim activist.

Now Fokarelli is the face of a new “Halal Crypto-Currency” promoted by the Singapore-based company Bayan Token.

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