Gunmen Attack Mosque in Kabul During Iftar Time, Kills 13 Worshippers

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Unidentified gunmen attack mosque in Kabul during Iftar and opened fire indiscriminately in the Charkar area of ​​the central Afghan province of Parwan.

Gunmen Attack Mosque in Kabul

KOHAT: A total of 13 worshippers were killed and 17 others injured in two separate incidents of firing by unidentified gunmen inside mosques in the central province of Parwan and the eastern province of Khost on the Pak-Afghan border.

In Char Kar, the provincial capital of the central Afghan province of Parwan, some unidentified gunmen entered a mosque during Iftar and opened fire indiscriminately, killing 10 civilians and injuring 16 others.

gunmen entered a mosque In Char Kar

According to Waheeda Shahkar, spokeswoman for the provincial governor, unidentified gunmen entered the mosque and opened fire on the fasting people as they were breaking their fast and offering Maghrib prayers last evening.

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According to local Afghan security forces commander Alozai Ahmadi, The Afghan Interior Ministry has blamed the Taliban, but the Taliban has denied the allegations and blamed security forces.

Meanwhile, three people were killed and a child was injured in a similar incident in the eastern Afghan province of Khost on the Pak-Afghan border.

afghanistan mosques attack ramadan time

According to the provincial governor’s spokesman Talib, the incident took place in a mosque in Sabri district of Khost, where some unidentified gunmen opened fire during Iftar, killing three civilians and injuring a child. Has not accepted responsibility.

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What a terrible thing to hear!


Inna lillahee wa inna ilayhi rajioun
May Allah grant all those who passed Jannatul Firdous. For those who survived, May Allah reward them for every inch of pain they have suffered and may Allah make their journey to recovery easier. Amen.