People Angry As Pakistani Brand Al Karam Uses “Allah Ho” On Ramp Walk

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Pakistani clothing brand Al Karam in Fashion Pakistan Week 2019 has used a track which has the name of Allah as less-clothed women walks on the ramp in the Pakistani fashion industry.

Al Karam also known as AlKaram Studio is a Pakistani clothing brand giving out ready to wear and unstitched clothes all around the world as well as Pakistan.

Above all, Fashion Pakistan Week is a fashion event that takes places every year in Karachi, Pakistan and is organized by FPC (Fashion Pakistan Council)

Sadly, AlKaram lost all the respect they had for people as a video appeared which showed a singer is saying “Allah Hoo” as models as well as child models are making their way to ramp is infuriating the people all around the world for disrespecting the word of “Allah” like that.

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Have a look at it yourself;

This is another low which Fashion industry has gone to, first people were criticizing them for bringing little girls into this business which is not suitable for the mentality of the kid and now they have to incorporate Islamic Hamd within this highly unacceptable business.

People are calling for the organizers as well as the brand Al Karam to apologize for the mistake they have done. Some people on Facebook and Twitter have also started trending the hashtag #BoycottAlKaram as they are forcing the brand to publicly accept their mistake.

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The internet protest is to show the brand that there is no way we can accept this unethical behavior of using Allah’s word in inappropriate places. The clothing brand has yet to make the comment on these protests as they have been sitting idle yet.

What do you think of this? Let us know in the comment box below to let people know your views about this.

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