Advice for the Newlyweds – For Both Husband and Wife

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In Islam, marriages serve to protect one’s faith from committing sins, such as adultery, as well as upbringing righteous children. According to the Surah Nisa Verse 1, Allah has created a spouse for everyone.

However, in order to accomplish a successful marriage in order to fulfill the duties of a Muslim, one has to realize the bond that a husband and a wife share to achieve this is sacred and pure and that the lives of two individuals are now shared towards a common goal. For the newlyweds, this may be overwhelming at first. So, here are some advice for the groom and bride:

For the husband

Your wife is now a new person in your family. As a husband, you should support, comfort, respect, compliment her and be firm (not authoritative) on your takings. Appreciate her work, for example when she cooks, and provide her with constructive criticism when she needs. Whenever she feels a bit envious, do not humiliate her. Instead, make her feel that you are both made for each other. Do not force her to stay within four walls, if she enjoys going out, travel with her. Never hurt her feelings, prefer her choices and know about her likes and dislikes – that way she will feel appreciated and loved and you will gain the same from her. Finally, buy things for her to show that you love her.

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For the wife

As a wife, you should be grateful to your husband for all big and small things and never compare him with your friends’ husbands. Be open to talking about anything and whenever you do not agree with each other, convey your thoughts in a gentle and kind way. Remember to look for Allah’s love in your partner’s words, actions, and apparel. Make him feel appreciated by cooking his favorite dishes, and dress up and adorn yourself for him. Protect him and his belongings when he is away and by respecting his loved ones you will win his heart forever. Show him that you trust him and you got his back unconditionally while being affectionate and appreciating his efforts. Most importantly, spread love and make his house a home. Respect and listen to him. Whenever hardships come over you both, sit and talk about them to sort everything out and move on.

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