PK 8303


PIA PK 8303 was carrying 99 passengers from Lahore to Karachi, was crashed sixty seconds before the landing in Pakistan. This heartbreaking note will leave you in tears. There’s something uniquely sharp about the grief in which people beg for their life before dying, but are only granted enough to imagine their loved ones one more time. It also becomes specifically more painful knowing that had the situation been slightly different, you would’ve been begging too. For me, I think the time at which the captain and passengers realized the plane was going to crash, is most painful when I imagine it. I imagine the moments before that, two minutes to landing; a mother applying make up to her face, telling her kids to behave through the weekend, a husband texting his wife “Almost about to land. see you in a bit.”Or an air hostess sighing to her colleague saying,…

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