Should You Make Wudhu Before Reading Quran In Your Smartphone?

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Reading Quran In Your Smartphone is very common these days, but should you make wudhu or take the phone in the toilet? We have answered these questions.

Make sure you keep these 3 things in mind while reading Quran in your smartphone

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Everyone is aware of the fact that we, as Muslims, aren’t allowed to use the Holy Quran without having wudhu in the first place. As per the teachings of the companions of Prophet Muhammad (PBUH), our four imams (RA), and claimed by various scholars, it was written to the locals of Yemen that;

“No one should touch the Quran except who is taahir”

In those simple circumstances where you are even just changing the place of the Holy Quran, it is required to wrap it up with a piece of cloth first. A Mushaf should be avoided to take inside a bathroom.

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It is also required to be kept with respect in such a manner that it stays safe from being tossed or trampled.


Its ruling varies from that of Mushaf. You are allowed to touch them if you haven’t done wudu. You are even permitted to take it along inside a bathroom but the Quran application shouldn’t be opened at that time in that mobile. The reason behind it is that its writing isn’t as similar to that of the Mushaf. Its process consists of some waves that are received and disappear.

Also, it’s letters vary too. A mobile phone preserves many other applications along with the Holy Quran application. We are allowed to touch our mobile’s screen that shows the verses of the Quran.


Recitation of the Holy Quran can be done with the help of our memory too. In such a case, wudhu won’t be necessary. We can also recite it without having a wudu when someone else is holding the Quran. However, that person must not be in the condition of sexual impurity or “Junab” and have followed a bath i.e. ghusl to get pure. It is also recommended to be pure from our memory too when indulging into recitation.

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