5 Things Newly Married Muslim Couples Should Know

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Newly Married Muslim couples are confused about what Islam says about their private life Since they feel shy to talk about this so we wrote a guide that will help Newly Married Muslim couples to have a wider picture of their private life.

1. There is no obligation to have to be on BED on the first night

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It is absolutely fine and permissible to just relax, enjoy the presence of each other while not attaching any expectations.

2. Mating is halaal for the newlyweds but with defined guidelines

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Islam has defined guidelines for Muslims to follow to accomplish our sexual desires so that we do not fall into the traps of Shaitaan.

Mating positions

There is no restriction on basic coital positions in Islam but mating from back is haram.

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Menstruating women

It is said in the Qur’an, men should not approach menstruating women sexually until the blood stops and they have cleansed themselves.

Foreplay is essential

For the first time, penetration may be painful if there is insufficient lubrication. A hadith says that sex without foreplay is equivalent to animal behavior and Prophet (p.b.u.h) recommended it to be slow and delaying. Couples should practice pre-sexual behaviors (kissing and touching) making it easy for both to achieve orgasm. Alternatively, they may use water or silicon-based lubes.

3. Virginity is not equal to “Hymen check” or bleeding

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Some women may have a thin hymen or with few or without blood vessels or born without any or may have been torn by physical activity. Hence, the presence of hymen or bleeding does not guarantee the virginity of a woman.

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4. Please your partner but do not make orgasm your ultimate goal

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Instead try to get to know each other’s bodies, preferences and make their needs your priority.

5. Communicate to your partner, not the public

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If it happens that the man experiences erectile dysfunction or is nervous, do not let these be barriers to your relationship. Talk to each other but not to the public, as the Prophet (p.b.u.h) strongly prohibited it.



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