Read What Happened To Infidel Who Asked Ali (RA) To Curse HIM

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Companions of Muhammad PBUH are one of the most important components of Islam, and it is must follow for every Muslim to comply with the guidelines to follow Islam correctly. After reading many stories described in Islamic history that whoever tried to destroy or irritate the people of Allah, had to face hardships from Allah.

The book “Izalatul Khafa” which was written by Shah Wali Ullah which describes many different phases of Islam, Shah Wali Ullah’s book “Izalatul Khafa” also described the many things which will amaze you about the companions of Muhammad Prophet (PBUH).

At one point, it is written in the book Izalatul Khafa that once a person had said something blasphemous about Ali (RA), to be noticed that Ali (RA) was the son in law of Muhammad (PBUH) as he was married to his daughter Fatima (RA), who is also the father of Imam Hasan (RA) and Imam Hussain (RA). After that person’s blasphemy, he was facing a lot of hardships from Allah.

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All of this happened when once Ali (RA) was saying something then this man came and clearly said, “That you, Ali RA, is a LIAR“.

In this reply, Ali RA said, “If I am true, that you will be captured in the hardships of Allah.” Then that person said, “You can curse me if you want, I do not care“.

As soon as that person said it, all of a sudden, he became blind and he started running here and there as he was clueless about what was happening to him.

The moral of this lesson is that Companions of Muhammad PBUH is very precious in Islamic history and whoever tried to utter blasphemous words has to face strange and unbearable hardships from Allah SWT.

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