Pregnant Muslim Women Mother of 5 Kids Shot Dead in London

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A pregnant Muslim woman mother 5 kids was killed with a crossbow in front of her spouse and kids in an attack which left her unborn baby in a serious situation in the hospital.

Sana Muhammad, also recognized as Devi Unmathallegadoo, was shot in the stomach during the conflict at her household in Ilford, east London, on Monday daybreak.

Doctors made emergency surgery to save her unborn baby boy, who is now in a steady condition, but 35-year-old Ms. Muhammad died from her wounds just over 3 hours later.

Suspicious Ramanodge Unmathallegadoo, who is supposed to be the casualty’s ex-partner, was detained at the scene.

The 50-year-old questionable, of no permanent address, was accused with killing on Tuesday sunrise and is due to seeming at the Old Bailey on Thursday.

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Her spouse, Imtiaz Muhammad, 42, said the Evening Standard that he originates her killer hiding in their lawn hut when he went to put away a wooden box.

“He was there with the crossbow full. He gazed at me, he was going to fire so I ran into the home,” understood Mr. Muhammad.

“My wife was doing the laundry, I was yelling ‘run, run, run’. He shot my wife. I can’t stop thinking about how she took my arrow.

“The children were all there, it was terrible. The arrow had gone up into her heart but did not hurt the unborn baby. “They operated with the crossbow arrow still in her because it would have been too risky to take it out.” Ms. Muhammad, who had 3 kids from a former connection, wedded Mr. Muhammad 6 years ago and was 8 months pregnant with her 6 kid at the time she was shot.

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Her spouse said: “Sana was a brilliant mother and wife. I am brokenhearted.” The wounded pregnant woman was sadly definitely dead at 11 am in an east London hospital. A Met Police representative told the baby was successfully delivered at the hospital and is in a stable condition.

Met police are appealing to the people who had been in the vicinity of the described area to help them locate more suspects.

Source: The Independent

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