A Non-Muslim Actress Claimed Of Being Sexually Harassed At Makkah, Causes Outrage!

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An Indian actress “Sofia Hayat” claimed that she was being sexually harassed during her visit to Makkah with her fiance, she told all this in a video.

This is clear to all the people that Non-Muslims are not allowed in the Makkah, then how she claims to be there when she is non-Muslim?

Sofia Hayat openly seen doing “Item Songs” with almost “Naked body” as well as these publicity stunts are very common for her. The guy who she is engaged to be also not a Muslim.

Sofia Hayat is using Muslim name to throw dirt over the place where these heinous crimes never happened. She was often seen having “Allah” tattoo on her arm and doing item songs with the naked body in an Indian movie.

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Below you can see her “Allah Tattoo” on her right hand, and this tattoo is also be seen during her dance videos in Indian songs.

My beautiful baby face..I look at you with such love. I adore you x

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Before that when she had got no publicity so she said “She will never get married or have children” and claimed to be a Nun, and right after few days of this, she announced her engagement! Yesterday, she was a nun, today she must be a Muslim tomorrow she will a Buddhist!

Similarly, she has been trying to show Muslims frustrated by doing this stupid publicity stunt. All of us know that how secure the Holy City of Makkah is. We can never let any actress use this holy place for her own publicity stunt. Spread her reality to the world, so the world would know what is the reality!

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These Non-Muslims are always at plotting the conspiracies to show the Muslim dirtier.



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