Netflix Subscribers Are Cancelling Their Subscriptions After Messiah TV Series

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Netflix Subscribers have started Cancelling Netflix subscription after the controversy of the latest tv series on Dajjal called Messiah, Muslims and Christians all around the world are condemning this step.

Messiah’s story revolves around a case that has been assigned to CIA agent, Eve Geller, which is played by Michelle Monoghan. It shows that a man who emerges from Syria claims that he is the promised Messiah. Geller is assigned to see if this is a con artist to destroy the peace of the world or real messiah.

The actor who plays Dajjal is Mehdi, Irony! On the TV you will be able to see him doing miracles all around the globe and gaining followers from it. The majority of Netflix subscribers have voted against this series.

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Most of the people say that it is insensitive to make TV on such topics, as this TV series is hiding the major facts and showing Dajjal as a hero.

Islam and Christianity have predicted the arrival of AntiChrist, the plot of this show caught the attention of people after it twisted the entire story in favor of the Anti-Christ.

Before that, People were threatening to cancel the Netflix subscription but now most of them are doing it.

The show Messiah will go live on Netflix on 1st January 2020.

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Hollywood always exaggerates on the Truth. The Real truth is you cannot shut out the Reality of the coming of the Dajaal.
Now is the time to use this as a teaching lesson to the world on the truth of the Messiah Dajaal, the signs of his coming, his coming and what hapends to mankind according to the Quran.
Take this as a warning and a wake up call to humanity on the looming reality!

This is a Dawaah moment Muslims!

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