Muslims Have Been Banned To Marry Non-Muslim In Russia

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The head of the Islamic body for Muslims has decided to put a strict ban on Muslims marrying Non-Muslims, as the latest fatwa was issued by the clerics of Russia.

The Spiritual Directorate of Muslims of the Russian Federation has made a theological conclusion that Muslims should not marry representatives of other religions.

Ulema of the SAM RF Council has published a fatwa about interfaith marriages, also applicable to christians, now Muslims in Russia unable to marry non-Muslims. on the territory of the Russian Federation and are possible only in certain isolated cases by the decision of the local mufti, who considers and takes into account all the circumstances.

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According to theologians of the DUM RF, a non-Muslim woman who, for example, considers Jesus not God, but God’s messenger, along with Muhammad, recognizing the existence of one single God, can enter into marriage with a Muslim, and expresses her readiness to follow the instructions of the Holy Quran. The authors of the statement note that for two people as close as a husband and wife, for the strength of their union, it is important to have common life values.

Meanwhile, Islamic scholar, professor at Moscow State Linguistic University Roman Silantyev explained that there are four legal schools in Sunni Islam, three of them prohibit marriage with non-Muslim women, and one, the most widespread in Russia – Hanafi, allowed.

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Such a decision of the Russian Spiritual Board can create problems,” Silantyev said. The theological conclusion of the Council of Ulema of the Spiritual Administration of Muslims of the Russian Federation was adopted back in July, but it was published on the website of the muftiate only this week.

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