Muslim Refugee Girl Commits Suicide After Severe Bullying In Canada

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Despite shifting a number of school because of the bullying, the little girl Amal, refugee girl, continued to bear the heat of bullying without any help from the school system.

A 9 years old Syrian Refugee Girl, whose family had settled in Canada about 3 years ago as Refugees, has committed suicide last month after her death the family claimed that she was continuously bullied at school, and had no protection or support from the school.

Amal Alshteiwi’s body was found on the 6th March 2019 by her parents in the home they were living in Calgary after that parents claimed that she took such a big step because she was bullied and the system had not accepted her as one of their own.

People in school were bullying Amal all the time, telling her, “You are not beautiful, you are ugly” After this incident we shifted her to the new school where kids would come to her and say, “Wherever you go, you must go and kill yourself.”

Nasra Abdulrahman, Amal’s mother said, quoted by The Muslim Vibe

Amal, Refugee Girl, didn’t get any support from the schools she changed in her lifetime. Her parents visited school number of times but the teachers were failed to provide assistance or protection to the girl and her parents.

Calgary Board of Education issued a statement on this situation, stating;

There was no sign of bullying at school and we have received no complaint of bullying from school. The area office is working very closely with the principal, teachers, and staff to gather more information to understand what could be the reason of Amal’s death.

Calgary Board of Education

Candian local police have said that there is not enough evidence to look into this criminal investigation.

Syrian refugee children are bullied all around the world they are settling in. In the month of February, two Syrian refugee girls were attacked in the German city of Berlin after a man shouting insults to the Muslims as he punched them. In the month of December in 2018, a Syrian refugee girl was beaten by a classmate in a school bathroom in the United stated. And similar reports we usually get from the different region of the United Kingdom.

We offer our prayers to Amal and family that may they find strength and peace.


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