Muslim Girl Expelled From School Because of Her Looks

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Saudi Arabian girl has been expelled from school due to her looks as she is suffering from Teachers Collins syndrome. This syndrome is a genetic disorder that affects the eyes, ears, cheekbones, and chin of the person.

Loulwa Bint Mohammad Al Fareeh was enrolled in 3rd grade and was suffering from this illness.

The school has refused to accept the claim that she doesn’t have ears or eyes. The mother said that Louwla has eyes and ears but they are deformed.

She has completed her education in the UK

Her mother told the media that her daughter has completed her previous studies in London, United Kingdom without having any difficulty. But it was heartbreaking for her to see such behavior in Saudi Arabian school.

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Her mother told me that her daughter is not mentally disabled, she says her daughter is completely fine and she did great in exams back in the United Kingdom.

Louwla was rejected and expelled from school after her two day trial period and was not allowed to register until next year putting family into a sad state. School officials stated that the reason behind was the looks of the girl.

Mother has also reported this issue to the authorities

She filed a report to the Saudi Ministry of Education as well as the Saudi Human Rights Committee.

This news has gone viral. And turns out everyone is accusing the school of discrimination.

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Dr. Hamad Al Sheikh from the Ministry of Education came along and given urgent order to enroll the girl into a new school.

People thanks the Saudi ministry for taking immediate action to get admission as soon as possible for Louwla .

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A Shabbir Ahmed

What is happening in Saudi Arabia ever since the lunatic mbs started ruling it. Everything is happening against the Qur’an and Sunnah over there. It is a real curse that the country which houses Islam’s Holiest Places is behaving thus.

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