Man From Pakistan Commits Suicide In Masjid Al Haram

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Suicide is a sin in Islam which Allah will never forgives and commit suicide in Allah’s house is a great sin one can ever commit!

The media spokesman for the police of the Makkah region state that at 9:20 pm this Friday, security men began dealing with an incident of a person who jumped from the roof of the Grand Mosque to the mataf on the ground floor near to the Holy Ka’bah; which led to his immediate death.

A video captured these horrific moments clearly showing a man climbing and jumping from the upper floor inside masjid al haram with a loud thud.

Watch it how a man from Pakistan Commits suicide in Masjid Al Haram

It was on Friday when a Pakistan man committed suicide in Makkah’s grand mosque when thousands of pilgrims were worshipping in the last days of Ramadan.

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As per Civil Defense authorities, a 35 years of men went to the top floor and jumped as the people were offering Isha prayers.

This man from Pakistan is known and had received a serious amount of injuries.

He was later shifted to a hospital nearby but he passed away as the wounds were critical.

Defense authorities say that this 35 years old man fell in the mataf area which resulted in breaking his ribs and other bones.

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