Leader in India Calls To Boycott Muslims, Urging Not To Buy From Muslims

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BJP Leader, Suresh Tiwari, in India released a video urging Indians to not to buy vegetables from Muslims during Coronavirus lockdown.

Millions of daily wagers are facing huge job crises and hunger due to coronavirus lockdown, and most of them are Muslims. Upon asking for the justification of the things said by Suresh Tiwari, he said he is afraid that Muslims might be infecting the vegetables with their saliva which can spread the coronavirus in Uttar Pradesh.

Muslims in India are being targeted all across India, which sparked a new wave of Islamophobia in India. Where Muslims are being discriminated against, and even OIC took notice of the growing violence against the Muslims in India.

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BJP politicians as well as Journalists in BJP leadership calling Tablighi Jamaat a “Corona Terrorism”

BJP leaders have also been seen distributing flags to Hindu vendors to help Indians spot the Hindu vendors so they can avoid Muslim vendors.

Many mosques in India have been attacked during the Coronavirus lockdown, stopping the Imams to call the Adhan.

On Tuesday, a mob in Uttar Pradesh’s Gorakhpur district vandalized a mosque and beaten muezzin who was calling Adhan.

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After spotting lots of growing attacks on Muslims in India, the US also unfollows Indian Prime Minister Modi as well as requested to put India on the blacklist of religious freedom.

on the 18th of April 2020, The hate towards Muslims in India grew, which made the Organisation of Islamic Cooperation call on India to stop the increasing violence in the country.

The comments made by BJP Leader, Suresh Tiwari will surely affect the Muslims who have small businesses or are street vendors. The coronavirus situation will make the lives of Muslims in India much more difficult, due to religious freedom as well as job crisis.

Cover Photo: Meena Kadri for The Islamic Information

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A Shabbir Ahmed

This tirade against Indian Muslims will never end as long as modi and his hindutva brigade is in power. The order for this kind of propaganda comes from the top leadership of the racist hindutva brigade, consisting of modi and amit shah of bjp and mohan bhagawath of rss. For 70 years no Indian PM or President visited israel, as India never recognized Israel’s illegitimate state usurped from the Palestinians. The genocide of Palestinians continues to this very moment. modi broke this resolution of the Indian Constitution and visited Israel to establish the hindutva brigade’s solidarity with this rogue state.… Read more »

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