Israeli Products Being Sold In UAE Supermarkets

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Israeli products are being sold openly in the UAE Supermarkets after the UAE signed a peace deal with Israel.

The majority of the products in the UAE supermarkets are vegetables and fruits that are being imported from Israel.

The United Arab Emirates also allowing Israeli tourists to visit the country without facing any issues. Since the deal has been signed, Israel and UAE have been importing and exporting goods between the countries to boost each other’s economy.

The United Arab Emirates have also legalized drinking alcohol and couples can now live together without getting married, and further ensures to ease Islamic laws in the country.

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Muslims all around the world have been critisizing United Arab Emirates for showing easiness on Israel and allowing the activities which are prohibited in the Islamic law.

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A Shabbir Ahmed

Just as I had mentioned in my comments on the same subject earlier, the doom of all those who have signed the peace deal with israel has commenced. They will be destroyed from within very soon

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