Important Dua for Protection from Jealousy

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Jealousy takes place through many negative feelings. Usually, it is not an alone emotion. It comes with a lot more others, such as envy, upset, frustration, hurt, and anger.

Allah (SWT) has already warned us against jealousy and the destruction caused by getting jealous. 

Before digging further into jealousy, let us get back to its root cause. Initially, we heard and learned about jealousy in discussing the creation of Prophet Adam (AS). The first Prophet, Prophet Adam (AS) was the first human created by Allah (SWT). Allah (SWT) created him with clay. Then he was given life with just a single blow from the creator. On the creation of Prophet Adam (AS), Allah (SWT) ordered everyone within Jannah to bow before the Prophet Adam (AS).

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The only one denying to prostrate before the Prophet Adam (AS) was Iblees. He was very arrogant and egotistical to obey the command given by Allah (SWT), the sole creator, and the Creator of everything. What is the reason behind his denial to follow prostrate before Prophet Adam (AS)? He denied it because he claimed that he was better than the Prophet (AS).

He said that he was created from fore yet Prophet Adam (AS) was created from a mere clay. He felt superior and denied to bow down to someone who he felt is inferior to him. Of course, this enraged Allah (SWT). Not the fact that he resued His order, but because Iblis questioned His creation and His will. This feeling that developed in him against Prophet Adam (AS) was the jealousy. He was prideful. He was very jealous of Prophet Adam (AS) that He was Allah’s favorite creation.

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Dua that will protect you from Jealousy and Evil Eye

Dua for Protection from Jealousy

Within psychology, it is also a major form of illness to our health which destroys our inner peace, happiness, and mental health. We have also added a video that can help you pronounce this dua right.

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