A Person Won’t Get Divorced Because Of These 5 Things

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Divorced recently ? or thinking if you’re divorced or not? This blog explains the conditions which invalidate your Divorce.

Marriage is a blessing of Allah. Allah complete half of the faith when he gets married. But if you live a happy married life then there will be definitely many people who just jealous of you. You have to keep your relationship stronger than anything. But still, sometimes misunderstandings lead to divorce. Although divorce is halal. But divorce is the only halal things which Allah dislike the most.

Here is the topic that which things make divorce invalid? Obviously, everything has its procedure if you don’t follow it then it will not be valid.

1. Without the concern of husband:

If someone forcefully or intentionally blackmail the man to give divorce to his wife then the divorce will be invalid according to Islamic point of view because there will be no concern of man in it. Like every contact, a divorce is also a contract that’s why concern is important.

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2. The right way to divorce:

As I mentioned above everything has its proper procedure. So if the husband doesn’t follow the procedure then the divorce will be invalid according to Islamic point of view. Normally husband has to call his wife name 3 times while giving divorce.

3. The condition of women:

If the women are in her menstrual cycle and husband give divorce to her then it will be invalid. If your wife is expecting/pregnant then the divorce will be invalid for the whole time of pregnancy. Divorce is also invalid after the one month of giving birth.

4. Temporary Wife:

If you are in contract marriage then you can’t give her divorce it is invalid according to Islamic point of view because when contact period is over the marriage will be over. And there is not the condition of woman cycle.

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5. Mubaara’ah Divorce:

If your wife is not happy or satisfied with you or if she doesn’t like you and she agrees to give you some property or any other expensive thing to take divorce then it will be called Mubaara’ah Divorce and it is invalid according to Islamic point of view.

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