Blind Person Gets His Eyesight Back While Visiting Kaaba

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A blind person was visiting Kaaba for the first time, and all of a sudden he got his eyesight back, is one of the miracles you will see in this year.

Indeed Allah SWT blesses his loved ones in mysterious ways. The person, was visiting the Holy Kaaba, having lots of duas in his heart. And one of those duas were to get his eyesight back so he could see the world again.

It was the time when duas are accepted, so Allah listened to his sincere dua, and accepted it right away. And his reaction and the way he thanked Allah SWT gets tears in many eyes.

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Watch this incredible reaction of that blind man who got his eyesight back

Indeed Allah is the greatest, and i wish people would start making the duas with same loyalty, and concentration because duas made with sincerity are always accepted or Allah averts something bad from the person.

So always make dua, whenever you get any chance, make it, while traveling or working. Because you never know which time Allah likes anything from you and grant you the thing you have been wishing for so long.

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