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Important Beard Growing and Grooming Tips for Muslim Men

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Beards have for a long time been part and parcel of the Islamic religion and culture. To the Muslims, beard growing is a religious obligation for a many who want to follow the Sunnah of Prophet Mohammad and for the reason Muslim men are supposed to grow thick and long beards without shaving or trimming. Besides the religious purpose, beards, in general, are manly, and they look attractive when grooming in the right manner and with the right products.

While beard shaving and trimming is forbidden for the Muslims, it is still important for them to grow and maintain smart beard to avoid itching, dandruff, and smelly facial hairs. Is it really possible to maintain healthy and neat beard without regular shaving and trimming? The answer to this is, yes. Wondering how? With the right beard growth oil and other grooming products, you can get that ever impressive manly look.

If you are having problems with your untrimmed, patchy and ugly beard, below are products, tools and how to grow a long and attractive beard that everyone will be envious of. Once you learn and use the following tips, your beard will turn from shameful to attractive boosting your confidence and pride.

Beard Growing Tips, Products and Tools

  1. Let your beard grow wild – Obtaining a fully mature beard is not a one-day thing, it requires patience and could take months or even a year or two depending on your type of genes. When growing beard it is advisable to hold off combing or shaping to give the facial hairs time to develop. This also enables you to learn what shapes and style suit your beard type. This is not easy though as you will be criticized by people but it is useful to ignore their comments at this stage to achieve your dream beard.
  2. Know your skin type – Your skin forms the base player when it comes to growing beard and it plays a very critical role. You need to determine whether you have a sensitive, dry or oily skin and if you have no idea about this, your barber may help you identify your skin type. This helps you to choose the right products and tools that are effective and doesn’t bring any complications.
  3. Understand your type of facial hair – Different people have different types of hair and it helps to categorize your hair type so as to determine how to take care of the beard. Different hair types will require different products, shaping, and styling among other grooming techniques.
  4. Oiling your beard – Whether your beard has fully matured or at the growing phase, it can give you a hell of a time when not given the necessary attention. The facial hairs and the underneath skin can at times become very dry causing a range of issues such as itching and hair loss. Regular beard oiling can help in this case. The beard oil should be evenly applied from the base to the edge of the longest hair strand to keep both the skin and the beard moisturized. Natural beard oils such as coconut oils are more than just moisturizers as they nourish and soften the beard making healthy and shining at all times. Daily application of beard oil also provides nutrients and minerals that trigger more beard growth giving you a thick and long stranded beard. It is recommended to apply beard oil at least once or twice a day depending on the weather and how dry your hair and skin are. There are millions of beard oils available on the market today and then choosing the best should be guided by your beard needs and your budget. I would recommend any natural oils with a bias towards coconut for its fresh smell and nutrients.
  5. Shaping and styling your beard – When your beard becomes longer and trimming is not an option, it can be hard to control and styling the beard. In such a case the beard looses the attractive touch it should bring. Using beard balm can be the right solution to tame and shape your grown beard. There are balms that are made from natural ingredients and equipped with a light-hold mechanism to keep your beard well shape and style while maintaining its natural looks. Apart from being a perfect beard controller, beard balm is also a source of nourishment for the facial hair making the long beautiful and under your full control.
  6. Observe cleanliness – Though beard oils and balms work wonders, they could end up being ineffective if the beard is not washed as necessary. Use the appropriate beard shampoo to clean your beard to remove dust and other dirt that may make the beard itch or smelly. When washing, soak the facial hairs and the skin in shampoo and gently massage to remove the sticky dirt. Rinse with warm cold water and dry by a towel touch to avoid breaking the weak hair strands. Routine beard washing gives your beard a fresh feel and smell.
  7. Combing your beard – After the 2 or 3 months of growth, it is important to comb your beard every day. This not only makes the beard neat but also trains abnormally growing strands to grow in the right direction. Regular combing is also important to remove loose hair strands.
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Using the above 7 tips, it becomes easy to maintain your beard even without shaving or trimming.

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