This Bangladeshi Bride Stunned The World By Marrying Simply!

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Bangladeshi Bride, Tasnim Jara married simply with the man of her dreams, she did not even put up makeup on her wedding day.

Having extra ordinary lavish marriage is getting very common in Bangladesh, India, and Pakistan. While in Islamic context it is something we should not be spending on. Islam believes in simplicity and ordered us to live simply and spend in the way of Allah by feeding the poor and helping the orphans. But due to the cultural and social pressure, we are being pushed to spend more on the weddings.

Here are some inspiring words from her side, which moved the world and people are stunned by her simplicity;

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According to this post written by Bangladeshi Bride, Tasnim Jara she said, she wore her grand mother’s cotton white saree, and put up no makeup as well as neither wore any kind of jewelry. Furthermore, she said, she is sad after seeing the brides are wearing a lot of makeup and jewelry and other stuff which are contradictory to what our religion teaches us.

She further added that she has attended weddings and the major discussion point is usually about, how pretty the bride is ?, how much gold is she wearing? and how rich her family is? these are the things which she claims while attending the various wedding ceremony. While no body talks about the happiness of the girl who is about at get married and never even ask that if she is ready for this or not.

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She said she received a lot of criticism from many people in her circle, because of her decision of not wearing a makeup and wearing no jewelry at her wedding. Stories and people like Tasnim Jara are hard to find, Tasnim Jara is one of those girls who proved that nothing is impossible, she showed the people how Muslim weddings should be. We wish the couple best of luck for the future life.

Photos: Facebook/NewIndianExpress

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Md. Rasel Pradhan

great….best wishes for their conjugal life


That’s a good decision. You can use all the spare cash to set up home.

Mohammed Akhtar Abdul Hai

She has set an example for others to follow who keep complaining about unjustified expenditures on weddings but do not set any example. Wonderful display of simplicity and honesty . May the Almighty bless you with successes and happiness all across. Aameen

Abd Malik Abd Rahim

Islam is the way of life…..Syabas Tasnim Jara..U open the eyes of people


Very thoughtful of the bride and also the groom who reciprocated with her simplicity. Extavagant and lavish weddings is the trend of our modern society where people try to match with the prevalent social status often ending up in a mountain of debt. The bride in particular showed austerity by getting dressed in simple attire without make-up and other bridal accessories. All we can say that it speaks volumes of her social upbringing. Our best wishes to them on this blessed and momentous occasion. May Allah bestow upon them His infinte blessings. Congratulations to them for a happy and prosperous… Read more »


Mabrook Best wishes from India

shifazul haque

may Allah(s w t) showers his mercy upon you and your family .Ameen


I must commend Tasnim Jara because she did it the “sunah” way.
My wife (Nadia) and I (Imhran) also married the same way, actually our marriage was done in a mosque with only a handful of people who also stood as witnesses. Lavish marriages cost a fortune and the couple is already in debt from the day they get married. Our Nabi (s.a.w) married simple and told us to marry simple. Lavish marriages create zinah not only towards the bride but all the families trying too impress or outdress each other


If this marriage is simple then no need to publicise as stunning the world …no one care …..just keep is simple within community would have been better.

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